Worksheets & Sample Files

Sample Data File for AUDIT-L.E.A. Seminars

Sample ASCII files and data files are provided to be used with the  AUDIT-L.E.A. seminars.

Excel Worksheet is provided to be used to prepare the adjusting entries for the Tax Conversion for the Government Wide.

Although the GASB 68 Worksheet is now incorporated in AUDIT-L.E.A., we also provide;

Excel Worksheet for the GASB 68 Adjustments

Excel Worksheet for GASB 75 Adjustments 


Instruction Manual for AUDIT-L.E.A. 

The complete instruction manual for using AUDIT-L.E.A. 


Instruction Manual for AUDIT-CITY

The complete instruction manual for using AUDIT-CITY


Competency, Risk Assessment, & Internal Control Worksheets

All of the following documents are in Microsoft Excel except the Check Routines for Financial Statement Tie-Outs which are in an Adobe pdf file.