What is WebView?

WebView is a live group-internet based presentation that is transmitted to WebView participants via the internet. A visual image is transmitted over the internet to your local PC. The audio signal may be received and transmitted by the participant over the internet OR with a telephone line. In most respects, WebView is just like being at the workshop. While you do not see the presenter, you do see the slides and computer images used by the presenter and you can hear and talk to the presenter and you can hear and participate in discussions with other participants. The advantages are that you save travel costs and time. The feedback we have had from the workshops we have conducted has been very positive. We hope your experience will also be good.

EdMIS wants to help you obtain high quality workshops without breaking the travel budget!


What are the Requirements?

In order to be a WebView participant, all you need is access to a computer that has a high speed internet connection. If you wish to receive and transmit the audio signal over the internet, you must have a microphone and speakers. We recommend that you use a USB headset to minimize background interference. If you prefer, you may use a telephone line connected to a speaker phone or headset.

If you choose the telephone option, any long distance charges you incur will be your responsibility.

If you have more than one participant at one site, all participants must register for the course. You must have facilities so that all participants can see the computer presentation and participate in the telephone conversation. All participants will receive course materials and with the submission of the codes provided during the presentation will be given CPE credit for the course.


How to get started?

After you have registered for the workshop, you will be sent instructions for logging onto the specific program for which you registered. The optional telephone information will also be provided.

A few minutes before the workshop is to begin, you will log on and establish your audio connection as instructed in your registration materials. For the rest of the presentation you will see all the slides and supplemental materials on your computer screen and you will hear the presenters and other participants through the audio connection. You can follow the slides and supplemental references in your hard copy and highlight as needed. You will be able to ask questions by either typing them into your computer or by asking them using your microphone or telephone, depending on the audio connection you have chosen to use.